Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beta Engine Installation Photos

Below are photos of my Beta 38 engine installation.  Thanks to everyone for posting information to help me through this.

Beta 38

The high rise exhaust elbow and hose exiting straight back from engine.

I added a shelf above the shaft just under the aft cabin closet floor to hold the Vetus LSS50 water lock muffler.

Exhaust hose runs straight back under the aft cabin floor.

And continues under the aft cabin settee.

To the Vetus LT Gooseneck at the transom.


Cabatach said...

wow there is so much room in there!

Having looked at your Photos the Pot in my rear cabin is much bigger with a stainless lute section.

Looks good though!

The thing I love the most is on lots of your photos I recognize the location before you have to tell me. These boats are so similar. I have three identical boards in my rear cabin for the floor!

Pat Sixbey said...

Well the camera lens does make it look like there is more room than there really is. The Pot? is that the same as the gooseneck at the transom?

DaveD said...

It looks really good.

When I did my install I originally had the Vetus LSS under the floor of the closet, as you have done. Later on I changed it to be in the engine room, mainly because of the increased noise level in the aft cabin, and because I had room in the engine room. I further reduced the noise in the aft cabin by cutting and fitting Soundown underneath the 3 floorboards in the aft cabin.


Cabatach said...

I take a photo next time i'm at the boat. Euan