Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thought I would chime in here Pat with my exhaust input. Above is the configuration of my exhaust. Originally had the vertical Vetus rubber muffler and 2 up/down galvanized piping. The inside had corroded and piled up in the muffler promoting back flow of water. I found that problem while rebuilding the engine and finding seized rings on #4 piston. Now I have a Vernalift in the aft cabin locker. Holds about 3 gallons and the long "new" exhaust run probably holds an other 2 gallons.
I have a Electric Walbro diesel lift pump to prime the system prior to starting. It does not stay on. I have it on a push button while I push the other button for the heaters. Now with the rebuilt engine (Westerbeke W46), it rarely cranks more than 2 seconds and fires.


Pat Sixbey said...

Thanks for the info. I am doing a similar system as yours. I bonded supports on the hull for a shelf under the aft cabin closet floor just above the prop shaft to get the muffler as low as possible. The exceptions are I have a 2 gallon capacity muffler but Dave assures me this will work :-) . And, I ran my injection hose up high in the starboard locker, so I don't have the high loop in the main exhaust hose in the closet like yours. What do you think? Will that take care of it you think? The system meets all of the requirements that were sent to me from Vetus. Fingers crossed.
Thanks for the post.

Pat Sixbey said...
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Cabatach said...


I have the original front end with again a vetus system in the rear locker.

There is a vent valve at the high point in the first loop

Never had water back to the engine as you cant pull a vacuum

My engine (original MD21A) still has mechanical lift pump and self primes from below no problem

reading this with bated breath as in my mind I have made the same errors as yourself by mentally eying up that route directly back above the prop shaft. I'd have done the same thing?

My Vetus trap also has a hose which run to the transom just below deck level to also break the vacuum. Does Yours?