Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rasmus Web Site and Blog Audience

I have been keeping track of the folks looking at the HR Rasmus Home website and this blog.  To date we have people from 45 countries taking a look at them.  I think that is pretty neat.  Here is the list.

Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 To do List

My first cruise in a 16 foot McKenzy River Dory along Mississippi's Barrier Islands.
It's amazing the amount of work I still have left after 4 years of semi to full time work on this Rasmus.  I will finish this year.  I have too.  For my mental health (and I am not entirely joking).  It has been a long and demanding project.  My major projects for this new year are: 1) build the dodger and hardtop 2) purchase and install the engine and its peripherals 3) install the Cape Horn Windvane 4) and install the electronics. I will also be busy selling off property.  Downsizing big time.  That is very exciting.  You can have too much crap and I do.  The sell off will be liberating.   In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the new year with a new commitment to good eating and regular excercise.  I am on two 4.5 senior tennis teams, one in my home town of Little Rock and one in Des Moines with my older brother.  Hopefully one of those teams can make it to the national tourney.  I am also planning a nice backcountry hike through the wilds of Yellowstone National Park.  It has become one of my favorite places on the planet.  My youngest will be off to college in August of 2012 and if all is good with the family, I will be leaving on my first cruise in the Rasmus January 2013.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inner Forestay for the Rasmus

I have been talking to Mack Sails about new sails and they have just about talked me into putting in an inner forestay for a small jib and storm sail.  I kinda wanted one anyway.  I have just sent them a design idea and I am waiting for a response.  Here is a quick sketch I sent them to see if it is feasable. 

Tiny Tot Installation Photos

Below are photos of tht Tiny Tot installation.
I had to cut a six inch dia. hole for the Navigator built
bronze thru hull for the pipe. Shown is the cloverleaf
pipe cap.
Here is a closer look at the well made bronze thru hull.
I placed it on the forward sette, so I made it easily removeable.  The long
pipe provides great radiant heat and nice draft.
Close up of the Tiny Tot.  I will bolt it to the tile and hinge the two tile pieces
so I can fold them together for storage.
I used a stainless steel band off of a fernco coupling to attach the pipe to the thru hull.
I can loosen it and slide it down over the pipe to remove the stove easily. I also used
two 45 degree pipe fittings in order to accomodate the angled roof.  One is used to below
the roof and one above the roof, keeping everything nice a plumb.  This allowed me to
mount the bronze thru hull  flush with the roof without having to build a wooden block
to mount it on.  This way it is less obtrusive when the pipe is put away and eliminate another
possible leak source.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiny Tot Heater

I have just installed a Tiny Tot charcoal heating stove and I love it.  I set it up so I could easily remove it and stow it because I located it on the forward sette and I will not be sailing in cold climates all that often. I installed a Navigator built bronze thru hull for the stove pipe and it can easily be plugged.  It is a beautiful piece of hardware.  The stove creates a cozy atmosphere, heats the area nicely, and gives off just enough aroma to please.  Pictures to come.