Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beta 38 engine is up and running

Well I received my new custom engine mounts and they worked great.  I have roughly aligned the engine and hooked up the exhaust and electrical.  I also hooked up a facet pump (part number 40104) in front of the Racor fuel filter to help lift fuel out of the deep fuel tank.  After running it a bit, I blew the 1 amp fuse to the facet pump.  I continued to run without the fuel pump.  The next day I tried to start the engine (Beta 38) and it would not start.  I then realized the facet fuel pump is really needed on this boat/engine combination.  I replaced the 1 amp fuse to the pump with a 5 amp fuse and ran the fuel pump a bit before trying to start the engine.  No good.  I had to re bleed the fuel lines before the engine would start.  This was a good lesson to what is needed to get this combination to work well.  That facet pump is much needed.


DaveD said...

I'm surprised you need a facit pump. Before I put in the D1-30 I looked at the Beta 38. They never mentioned the need for an extra pump.

Do you have a photo of the installation?

Pat Sixbey said...

Well, at least I think the pump is the reason the engine starts are not. What I know is that the engine started quickly and easily when the pump was working. Not so when it was not. But I don't know why I would have to re bleed the fuel lines?? Maybe I have an air leak somewhere in the line. I will do more poking around and post what I find out. And I will post a pic also.