Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mast Step Orientation on Hallberg Rassy Rasmus

I asked a question about mast foot orientation and received some answers and some more questions.  I have learned from initial replies that the connection of the mast to mast foot on the HR Rasmus varies between hull numbers.

First let me clarify some terms(from Selden Mast):
Mast Step is the hardware bolted on the boat to accept the mast.
Mast Heel is the fitting on the base of the mast that fits on the mast step.

From the information provided me I can say that on all boats the mast is connected to the mast foot by one bolt which bolts through a hole in the mast step and a corresponding hole in the mast heel.  My guess is that they don't use two bolts in this configuration because it would stress the  bolts as the mast pendulums.  Some boats have this bolt in the center of the mast step and other boats have it on one side of the mast step.  My boat has the bolt on the aft end of the mast step but other boats have the bolt on the forward end of the mast step.  On the opposite end of where the bolt is located, there is another bolt, BUT this bolt fits in a slot in the mast step so the mast can pendulum without stressing the bolt. This bolt help keeps the mast in its place in the for and aft orientation. Below is drawing.

Since boats have all three of these configurations on attaching mast to deck, I would guess all work just fine.Thanks everyone for the help on this.  I appreciate it.


Resurrection of the Irish Rose said...

Wait a second Pat...You're not getting off that easy...lol. I have a 10mm. pin on the front of the mast heel. This fits into the slot on the mast step. Then, the hole at the back of the mast step does not line up with anything. So I feel I will have to drill through the step using the hole in the mast heel as a guide. You'll notice also that there are 2 gusset raised areas on each side of the mast step. I will have to slightly grind away a small area on one of these gussets so a drill bit can drill through the step.
There is just no way, I will trust the mast without at least one through bolt with lock nut...Martin
P.S. By the way Pat...I'm living aboard now.

Pat Sixbey said...

Yes, I would do the same as you indicated but I would make sure when you drill that hole that the other bolt in the slot has some downward play left. In other words, make sure there is space between the bolt in the slot and the top of the slot itself. All of the replies I recieved from my original question indicated that the boat has a bolt that holds the mast down. IF the boat had a second bolt, it was fitted in a hole on the mast heel and a slot on the mast step. And that makes sense to me.
Good luck and congrats on living aboard. Hopefully I will be soon.

Resurrection of the Irish Rose said...

Before I drill, I want to see a picture of your set up. One thing I can say for sure is the mast heel fits in the middle of the mast step when the pin is in the slot. So this seems a likely place for it. And...when we re-stepped it there was a stained area, so you could tell it is where it had been before. But...it did not have any other fastener. So either this is not correct or it has been that way for almost 40 years without a bolt! ...scary thought.