Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mast is stepped

I hired a boom truck to step my mast a couple days ago.  Everything went very smooth, even though I have never stepped a mast this large.  The crane operator was good.  He used nylon webbing only and started just above the winches around four cleats and put a half hitch there, then went up just above the spreaders and put another half hitch and one more half hitch about 6 feet from the top.  No damage to even my windex.  Pics below.

Some fisherman came up to the boat while fishing and asked if I got a new boat, I said, "No, it's 38 years old, with the last 5 years of its life being restored.  I extended it's life by 10 years and took away 10 from mine."

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