Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Please Help on Mast Step Orientation

Can anyone tell me where the slot goes(aft or forward) when mounting the mast step casting.  Below is a picture.  I have the slot mounted forward but it was just a guess.  Anyone know for sure.  Thanks.

You can see the vertical slot on the left side of the mast step casting.


Liv said...

I can take a look next saturday when I´m going to our boat. But I´m quite shure that the two holes shoud be in the front.

Best Regards

Pat Sixbey said...
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Pat Sixbey said...

Hello Liv,
So you are thinking I have it wrong? and the slot goes on the aft end side? I saw an old photo and it looked like the slot went forward like I have it but it was hard to tell in the photo. Thanks for your help.

Cabatach said...

your mast should tell you as they should match. There is a thro' bolt hole in the front of my step and mast foot so you can position it to stop it jumping out. There is a notch in the mast foot which matches the slot to stop it sliding fore and aft

Try matching them up and it may solve the problem as I don't think the're all the same.

Liv said...

Hi again Pat!
I´have just left the boat. Here in Sweden we have winter with -10 degrees celsius (14F ??). But our boat is still in the water in the ice and we spent our 103:rd night on board during 2012.

When I look at our mast foot we have three holes in it. We dont have the fourth one, the "jack".
And I was wrong. We have two holes in the back of the foot and one in front. But the mast is only fixed in one hole and that´s the hole in the middel.
Best Regards Liv
Sail on :-)

Resurrection of the Irish Rose said...

Pat...When you find out, can you post a picture? I had the same question about mine...Martin

Resurrection of the Irish Rose said...

My confusion as to your question. The slot is forward. On mine I put a pin in the forward hole of the mast boot which nests into the slot. This seemed like the only option as nothing else really lined up and the stain from where the mast had been before matched (I bought the boat with mast off. All that being said, I will drill the back of the boot where there is a whole though the mast step and bolt it. It does seem a little un-nerving not to do that. I would appreciate some feedback on this...Martin

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