Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Electronics, Engine, and Self Steer Gear

In the last few weeks I have been busy installing electronics, getting the engine room ready for the Beta Marine 38, and finishing the CapeHorn installation.  Pics below:

I shimmed the new engine mounts to match the originals in height with 1/2 inch aluminum plate.  I also placed a 1/16 inch thick lexan sheet between the mount and shim hoping to thwart electrolysis.  I used a generous amount of anti corrosion gel on each bolt before bolting them in place.

After installing the Soundown Sound Proofing,  I began adding the engine peripherals prior to engine installation.  Here is a Groco Raw water strainer.  I will also add a Racor fuel filter and a fuel pump to facilitate bleeding and general smooth running.  I have read that the deep fuel tank on the Rasmus can cause problems with fuel supply.

I replaced the fuel lift tubes.  The old ones were looking brittle.

I finished rigging the cape horn wind vane to the tiller handle.
Added electronics on the cockpit chart table.  From left to right: Garmin  GPS Map 182, Furuno Depth and  Fish finder, and a Lilliput 10 inch 12 volt field monitor.  This monitor is connected to my Apple Mac Mini navigation computer and it uses less than 10 volts and can be hooked directly to 12 volt system via cigarette outlet.  The other monitor is on the galley table and both monitors are mounted with RAM mounts the VESA mounts.  Both are wired to the same computer.


Ryan said...

Suddenly my little hand-held B&W GPS I was so proud of seems like it would belong better on your dinghy hahaha!

She's looking brilliant Pat!

Pat Sixbey said...

Ha Ha. Yeah I feel like I have gone way overboard on rebuilding this boat. Too much time, too much money. I sure hope I can have some fun sailing this boat someday! Have you finished your rebuild?