Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beta 38 Installed in Rasmus

I hoisted the engine up and into the Rasmus today with the help from my two daughters.  It took all of 30 minutes.  It went in without a hitch. But (there is always a but isn't there) the engine is designed to sit at an angle so the four flexible engine mount bolts are also tilted on the same angle.  From what I have read that is not a good thing.  I have contacted Stan from Beta Marine to ask him what the next step is.  I am hoping he says, "Oh don't worry about that Pat, it won't cause any problems at all."  Anyway I have a couple of pics below.

I had to take the exhaust elbow off for the engine to fit in the hatch.  That was not a problem. Other than that it was a smooth operation.  Cheers.


Cabatach said...

like it

I think it has now influenced me which way to go for my next engine! Beta are very popular here also.

What are you using for the exhaust pipe and are you fitting a vacuum breaker?

Don't spare the noise insulation, it will be worth it.

Pat Sixbey said...

I am using Shields 2 3/8 inch exhaust hose with vetus waterlock LP60 muffler and vetus gooseneck at transom. Yes, I am going to put a vacuum breaker in the starboard locker as high up as possible using 7/8 inch ShieldsFlex hose off of the exhaust elbow. I did soundproof the engine room with Soundown insulation.

Swells said...

Hi Pat,
Enjoying your progress. You're really in the home stretch. Can't wait to see your photos of her on the water!

Did you hear back from Beta about the angled engine mounts? Was it OK as you hoped?