Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello from 1974 Rasmus 35 #277

Hey Y'all. I'm Jim (Jimbo Nonno to my grandsons)and I recently adopted Aero, 1974 Rasmus 35 #277 .  She's been moored in Warrenton near Astoria Oregon for 20 years and I'm making the drive from Portland until I figure out where our next home will be.  Here she is on the hard for survey and bottom paint.  I'm lucky that nothing "needs" to be done to make her livable or seaworthy.  I'm not sure I like the hydralic steering however.  The big question is how will she steer when I get smarter and have things balanced. 

Aero was a named after an Island in Denmark.  I'm waiting for a compelling reason to rename her.  I'm open to your opinion/reaction.  One of my favorite mythical characters is SEDNA, the Tlingit/Haida Mother of the Sea Mammals. Seems like a good name, but Sedna was thrown overboard by her father for refusing suitors and when she grabbed the rail of the umiak he chopped off her fingers which became the seals, whales, etc.  Hmmmm, not sure we want to sink to the bottom of the sea.  I'm also quit fond of Crows/Ravens. . . Tlingit/Haida for Raven would be YETL.

I'm anxious to learn as much as possible from other's experiences with their Rasmus, so please drop a line.  I also have a stale blog at http://jimbononno.blogspot.com/ 


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Pat Sixbey said...

Thanks for the post Jim,
That's a good looking boat you got there :-). I am being pressured by my better half to stamp her name on the transom. I had better go that route since she has put up with all this madness, so I haven't thought too much about names. I would also like to hear more of your and others experiences with these boats. Keep us posted. I plan to relaunch in about a year (should be finished with it and I will be an empty nester).

Pat Sixbey