Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changing from Hydraulic steering to Edson wire steering

I am considering making this change.  If any Rasmus owners have done this I would love to hear from you.  What Edson parts does it take to make the change and about how much will it cost?


Windtraveler said...

Pat - we did this. If you call the folks at Edson they actually have the plans for a HR Rasmus 35 to do just this. It is fairly complicated and requires you to do a tiny bit of glassing and (I think) requires a new pedestal - but they have all the plans to make the change - however it's not straight chain and cable - it's chain and conduit. Let us know if you have any other questions!! - Brittany

Pat Sixbey said...

Thanks Brittany
I will call them. How is the system working for you guys?

jim kindred said...

I'm curious about this too. I recently bought my Rasmus and find the hydralic steering frustrating at times. It seems I'm forced to oversteer while close hauled to avoid weather helm. I can adjust sails to balance it, but I'm continually steering to lee. Do/did others have this issue?

Thanks, JK

Pat Sixbey said...

I changed out hydraulic fluid on the old system with new hydraulic lines installed. The rudder turns but I have leakage through the ram. Not happy. I have yet to test it on the water. I may quote a price for Edson steering if the budget allows.

Cabatach said...

I went the other way. The hydraulic cylinder was passing and I had to keep turning the wheel against it. I replaced it with a new hydraulic system from vetus. I used the type of pump without non return valves so i get feedback from the rudder.

It works very well and was easy to replace and is mechanically simple.

Lee helm and weather helm are about the rudder and rig balance rather than the steering system. Try putting on the emergency tiller and steering with it, it will tell no lies about weather your rig is set up right or if its your steering.

I suspect Scott from windtraveller could add a lot on this as he has obviously got his rig set up right

If anyone wants the details contact me


jim kindred said...

Thanks! Great advice, I am missing the feedback and suspect using the tiller will verify I'm losing pressure. I'll be sailing all week, so I'll have feedback soon.

jim kindred said...

We just spent three days bringing Aero from Astoria OR to Portland. It was an uneventful trip and the boat cruised along nicely at a bit over 6.5 kts @ 2000 rpm. We only got to sail during the first day, but found the steering is the problem, not the balance. My loss of pressure occured on a port tack and I had to turn alee. Testing with the emergency tiller was a great suggestion, thanks. At this point I'm planning to stick with the hydralic system. I'll keep you posted.

Pat Sixbey said...

I may do what Euan did and replace the old hydraulic with new hydraulic. Much less $$ compared to Edson.