Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anchoring system help

I am getting ready to bolt on my windlass and mount the anchor platform on the Rasmus.  I would love to hear from Rasmus owners your opinions on how to best set the system up (where to mount the windlass, where to store the chain, etc.).


Windtraveler said...

Hello again Pat - we did this too...

We went with the lofrans tigres windlass and love it. We Mounted it behind the chain locker - but had to modify the locker by having it open in two halves port and starbord (to accomodate the chain). We attached it to the deck and put a stainless steel backing plate in the v-berth. We then fabricated a stainless steel tube to go from the windlass on deck, into the v-berth - we can send you pictures. We love our set up - however the pipe that leads to the anchor locker has a slight bend to it and if we were to do it again we'd make it straight. Furthermore, when we raise anchor I have to be forward to knock the piles of chain over so they don't bunch up. There is just not enough depth in the locker because the point of entry has been lowered due to the pipe. It's not perfect, but we love it and it works for us. Let us know if you have more questions! - Brittany

Pat Sixbey said...

Thanks again Brittany,
Very valuable information. So you took the chain back into the original chain locker? I have seen some owners pipe the chain straight down below the V berth but I bet that brings a lot of mud, small sea creatures, and other stuff into the living space. So you open the chain locker hatch first, start retrieving anchor, push anchor piles down as you bring it in? Will that locker hold 200 feet of chain?
thanks again for the great info

Liv said...

Hello Brittany!
We are about to install a windlass this winter and if you have som pictures of your installation, we would be very greatful.

Best Regards
Liv (Nanny)

Cabatach said...

I ripped the hawse pipe out from the V berth last winter and put the chain back into the original chain locker.

I have 2 gas bottles in the top but can still get 50 metre of 10mm chain under.

My windlass is aft of the hatch as per windtraveller. The chain turns 180 degrees and goes forward to the hatch and drop through teh top via a traditional hawse pipe facing backwards. Still need to shake the chain as it builds in a pile but otherwise its ok. Only Mod i think I will do is the raise up the windlass a couple of Inches to stop it chaffing the hatch cover so much. Will post a photo when I can.

Drop height on the chain is your friend as it pulls the chain through the hawse pipe.

Euan on Cabatach (playing catch up)

Pat Sixbey said...

I think I am going to set it up like you did with the chain entering the chain locker from a hawse pipe on top of the chain locker hatch. I am also going to leave the hawse pipe under the windlass to use the space under the V berth on longer passages to get the chain weight low in the boat. I'll use the chain locker when anchorages are closer together.