Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making up 1x19 ss standing rigging

I made up my standing rigging using 1/4 inch diameter 316 stainless steel wire.  Below is a pictorial/description of how I did it.

The swage end of the rigging slipped onto a 1/2 inch dowel pegged to the shop floor and numbered
The mechanical fitting end with eye slipped onto dowel pegged to floor at correct length for rigging.  I wrapped the wire with tape to mark the length right at the start of the threads on the eye.  I used Hayn Hi Mod fittings.

I used a block of wood with a 1/4 inch diameter hole drilled thru to hold the rigging wire.

Cutting the wire with jig saw or hack saw.

Sanding off the rough edges with rotary sander.

Slipping on the head of the Hi Mod fitting

Unwind, don't bend, the outer wires one at a time.

Place the inner cone on the inner wire core.

Slip the grooved washer onto the inner core of the wire.

Twist the outers wires to lay them back in place.  Stop at this point and then place the individual wires in the  a groove on the washer in order.  When all the outer wires are in a groove, rotate the washer to further lay the outers wires down tight.

This is how it should look just before screwing the eye onto the head.

Tighten the eye on the head by rotating either the eye or the head so that the one chosen will be in the direction that will not unwind the wires.

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