Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hardtop/Windows Complete, Cutlass Bearing Installed, Tiller Handle Installed, and Anchor System Complete

I replaced the cutlass bearing but changed out the shaft diameter since I wanted to change from the original 30mm shaft to a 1 1/8 inch diameter shaft.  The outside diameter of the cutlass bearing is 1 3/4 inches, which surprised me considering it was built in the land of metrics.  Pic below:

I added an aluminum plate to the front of the anchor platform to keep anchors off of the wood.  I notched the plate so the edges of the fortress anchor could fit in to hold it in place. Pic below:

Here is the front view of the hardtop and windshield.  I used 1/4 inch thick lexan for the windows and trimmed them in teak and a little mulberry.  Mulberry is very rot resistant and looks almost exactly like teak. I used silicone caulk to seal everything. Pic Below:

Here is the installed bow skene chock.  They are nice Suncor hardware. Pic Below:

Here is the installed cherry tiller handle I milled out of a cherry log that I got from my neighbors yard.  It had a natural curve in the trunk that allowed me to follow the grain to make the nice bend in the handle. Pic Below:

Looking forward and above at the hardtop.  I added teak handles and trim on the aft end to keep water from dripping over the edge.  The hardtop is finally completed.  It was a lot of work but I think it turned out nice.  All I have left now is installing the engine and rigging the boat at dockside. The engine, a Beta Marine 38,  is ordered and should be here in a month.  The sails, from Mack sails,  are ordered and should be here soon too.  I should have the boat in the water this Fall is all goes well.


Cabatach said...

lovely work as usual Pat especially the hardtop.

You won't regret fitting it.

So now the lid is on how will you crane in the engine? Or isn't it screwed down yet!

Pat Sixbey said...
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Pat Sixbey said...

Hey Euan,
How's it going your way? Good I hope. Yeah the top is screwed but not glued, so it should come off without too much trouble. The sails and engine will arrive in a couple of weeks. Then I will be flat broke! Such is life. I have been planning my route down the east coast of Florida headed for the Keys then the Bahamas early next year. I am getting so anxious I can barely sleep! Thanks for checking in.

jim kindred said...

Nice Job Pat,
especially like the trimmed out windows, very classy ;) Are those standard height windows?

Do the two rails forward of the center windshield have an intended function, or just additional hand rails?

I like your pedestal, nice piece of work.

Take care JK.

Pat Sixbey said...

I tried to make the windows and top as close to original as possible. I know the windows are very close. I might have missed the curve on the top (not enough), but I am happy with it. The two rails forward of center windshield is for mounting a solar panel, but I thought it would be useful for mounting other things also. Is your new pump the same size as the old one? My pump is still working ok from what I can tell on the hard but my cylinder is leaking. Any ideas on that?