Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Bilge Pumps and Anchor System

After reading Euan's post about his anchor setup, I rethought (I am bad about that) my system and decided to set it up like Euan's.  It wouldn't take much effort and I figured the benefits would be worth it.  I raised my windlass up 2.5 inches on a teak block, drilled a 2 inch hole in my chain locker hatch, mounted a hawse pipe in the hole, and bolted a roller in front of the hawse pipe.  It works really well with very smooth operation with no hangups.  If one should occur, everything is accessible at the windlass.  Pics below:
Anchor setup
The chain is led forward over the roller and into the chain locker.
I can also stow the chain under the forward berth on longer passages.
There is a fuel fill cap under the windlass for getting the chain under the forward berth.
I can access the locker by engaging the chain stopper on anchor platform,
unhooking the chain from the windlass, and opening the hatch.
The chain locker hatch open.

I finished the bilge pump setup.  I installed two electric bilge pumps, one 1100 gal/min primary which is mounted on the bilge floor(actually I bonded a false floor on in the bilge made of g10 frp and mounted all screws and bolts to it for attachment of pumps), a 3800 gal/min secondary pump mounted 3 inches above the bilge floor in case the primary gets overwhelmed, and a manual pump with handle in cockpit.  Each pump has its own thru hull and siphon loop.  The only problem I have with the system is that in a situation where the primary fails, and the secondary kicks in, the back flow of water from the filled bilge hose into the bilge after the secondary kicks off will cause the secondary pump to cycle on and off continuously.  Not good.  I don't want to put check valve in the system but may have to.  Pics below.
Bilge pumps mounted to false floor
Siphon loop for each pump.  The siphon vents are connected to each other
with a 3/16 inch hose.
Manual whale pump mounted with handle led to cockpit.
I used a fuel fill cap to cover the hole for the manual pump handle.
It makes for a neat and water tight installation.


Liv said...

I really like your solution with the windlass. It is beautifully fitted. Thanks for the inspiration. This will help us now that we are installing a windlass! //Liv

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat Sixbey
I am interested in communicating You about Your anchorwinch solution. I have a Monsun31 which is rather close in construction to Your boat. Please email me so we can discuss. I live in Sweden.