Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35

Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35
An Old Classic

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let's Make This An Interactive Rasmus Owners Blog

In order to make this an interactive forum for Rasmus owners, we need more authors that can post topics on their own terms.  This blogspot will support up to 100 authors.  That would reallly get the ball rolling.   You can email a message to me at http://www.lizardheadone.com/contact-us.html that you would like to participate in authorship of this blog.   The blogspot will then send an automated message to you asking if you would like to contribute in authorship.  Let's get this going HR Rasmus owners.


Cabatach said...

OK Pat, I have signed up and am up for this

Can't say i'm a wild world traveller, we do low key family cruising on the west coast of Scotland.

My boat is original & unrestored although it has led an easy life and I think has always been privately owned and laid up in the winter.

When I work out how to do this i will write you a page on my boat

Pat Sixbey said...

Welcome Euan,
I would be interested in your story, please join us. I have asked the blogspot to give you permission to author on the blogspot. You should be good to go. Thanks for joining and I will be looking forward to future communication.
Pat Sixbey